Personality makes a man different from others. A great personality can make a man greater than ever. Narek Karimian is the name who the special personality in himself. He looks handsome, dashing and hot stylish. He was born in Iran but now lives in Los Angeles, California. He is a multi talented person. He can dance, he can sing songs, he travels a lot, he is a photographer and else. He is a man of different works.

Narek started photography at age 12. Most important thing he studied industrial design which can be very helpful for his future life in modeling. He believes aesthetics alter emotional set point in human’s mind, therefore is use colors, pattern, good manner and a big smile to influence people and alter that state of mind every and each day. These methods of one’s life can make one’s life beautiful.

“I was thinking there is nothing safer than flying-it’s crashing that is dangerous! Then I realized I’d risk the fall, just to know how it feels to fly! 😎🚁” – Narek Karimian. He can fly helicopter. Isn’t this stunning!!

Narek is 26 years of age and he is a good photographer. He has his own photography page in face book. You can visit there. Narek Km Photography . All of his followers are from united states. He has got a nice muscular shaped body and fashion type is various and elegant. His occupation and model type is photographer. His race is Aryan. From the background of his birth his skin color is medium. He is 170cm long and is 70 kg weighted. He wears small pants and shirts. His bust size is 120 and hip measurement is 96cm.

“As Carter Burwell once said “Big Sur is at the end of the continent! It attracts really crazy people!”

Narek Karimian

Narek is also Cinematographer, IS/IT Officer, Product Designer, Advertisement Designer. He loves to watch movies and read books. He loves to eat and hang out with friends specially Ladies. He is seriously a lady killer. Mcallan, laphroaig, jack daniel’s, johhny walker, bertolli, lindet, coca cola, pepsi, red bull- are his favorite drinks and food stuffs. Hermes, Tom Ford, Ted Baker, Gucci, Omega, Rolex, Nike, Wilson, dsquared2, Armani, Boss, Marc New York, Zara- are the favorite brands of clothing.

Tom Ford, Massimo Dutti, Omega and Hermes are my favorite brands that he gets inspired by them. He can be a good artist and molel. For more info visit Instagram @ narekkm , youtube channel Narek km and IGSM profile.