Are you looking for a really awesome brand specializing in natural organic creams? Here is the Deaux Derme with an exciting opportunity to share with you. This brand provides with organic creams that help men and women with stretchmarks and cellulite. Actually, they offer their products and ship some of them to you and when you get them you can take a film of yourself applying the cream on different parts of your body and share your testimonial with others, like some of our active users have done below. Just show how the product works on your body and tell about its main benefits.

What’s the Offer?

This is a kind of easy job and depending on the quality of your video and your following you’ll be payed $50-500. In case, you have a large following, there is a great possibility of you negotiating extra to broadcast to your followers.

Job Description

This is an ongoing job opportunity Deux Derme offers to start immediately. They are looking for 25-100 IGModels for this promotion.

Deux Derme – Age & Dark Spot Serum- Eve Dawes

Meet Eve Dawes representing the features and benefit of the Deux Derme – Age & Dark Spot Serum. This product has helped her with wrinkles and dark spots. She was not expecting it to be a miracle product but the results have amused her. The serum is really nice for her and it’s quite easy to apply on the skin. She applies it twice a day by little drops. Eve likes this product and recommends it between so many age and dark spot creams/serums. She recommends giving it a try and promises to keep u updated on her results. At the end of the video she shares her before and after pictures.

Deux Derme – Stretch Mark Intensive Cream -Dylan Albino

Dylan Albino is here to represent you the benefits of the Deux Derme – Stretch Mark Intensive Cream that have helped him to get rid of stretch marks on his arms caused by workouts. He tells that this intensive cream has the power to fight against any kind of stretch marks you may have on your skin. It works great and provides with the expected result in a short period of time.

Deux Derme – Stretch Mark Intensive Cream -Dylan Pitts

This is Dylan Pitts showing how to use Deux Derme – Stretch Mark Intensive Cream in order to get rid of stretch marks on arms. As you see, he is happy to have such a great product on his hand.

Deux Derme – Stretch Mark Intensive Cream -Chelsea

Meet Chelsea from Georgia. She talks about the main benefits and specifications of the Deux Derme – Stretch Mark Intensive Cream. She has been dealing with stretch marks and now she is happy she has solved that skin problem thanks to this product. She shows how to use it to get rid of stretch marks that have appeared on her skin by age or because of weight loss. She waits for a few weeks to see the results.

The campaign is still going and you can register right now and if interested you can leave your comment below. Thanks and good luck.