Having a banging bod is a necessity for those who want to strike it big in the modeling world. Even if you go to the gym religiously, there is very little chance that you will see the results of your workout unless you stick to the right diet that will give you the results you want.

Whether you wish to get rock-hard abs or if you simply want to improve your overall lifestyle, sticking to a diet plan will work out for you. Here are some of the most effective and realistic diets that top models and personalities subscribe to.

Get Great Support with the Weight Watchers Diet

When it comes to overall effectiveness and flexibility, Weight Watchers takes the biggest piece of the pie. In this program, every food and movement is given a corresponding point. The philosophy is simple: move more than you eat. As long as you expel more energy than the amount that you take in, you are good to go.

What sets this diet program apart from the rest is its exemplary support group. If you are one of those people who find it hard to maintain motivation when working alone, then this program is something that you should check out.

Drop the Pounds with the South Beach Diet

This diet plan is popular among those who want to drop a certain amount of weight within a slightly challenging length of time. It consists of three phases that are designed to reboot your body. During the first two weeks, dieters are not allowed to consume carbohydrates, including alcohol. On the second phase, good carbs are added to the mix. The final phase gives the dieter the choice regarding carbohydrate intake.

Since this diet will limit your carb intake, there might be the need for you to change your lifestyle as well. After the first phase, you will also need to make wise decisions as to the kind of carbohydrates that you will take.

Go Back to your Roots with the Paleo Diet

The philosophy behind this diet is rooted on our ancestors’ diet habits. With this program, dieters are advised to stick to the kinds of food that cavemen eat! At first glance, it can be quite intimidating, mainly because of the kind of foods that are restricted from the program. However, if you have no problem with filling your day – and your tummy – with meat, seafood, vegetables, and nuts, then you should have no problem!

Load Up on your Veggies with the Ornish Diet

If you are vegetarian or vegan, then this diet plan is your best bet! With this program, you will get your fill of fruits, grains, and vegetables. Because of this, you will also be taking very little fat – and this will surely help you lose weight, for sure!

Do not worry because there are lots of recipes that you can enjoy even if you subscribe to this program. In addition to dropping the weight, subscribing to this plan will also afford you other health benefits, mainly because you will be getting tons of vitamins and minerals from the food that you will eat.