Greece has always been known for beauty and that’s not strange that Dimitra is Greek. Very intense sexy girl with looks of a goddess Dimitra may be the one who will be the new upcoming Victoria’s Secret Angel. Yes, she has the potential to be one, and no doubt that she will be awesome in every type of clothing any angel that could wear. She seems to be good looking in every kind of makeup and style of makeup, and it is proven on her Instagram profile.

 Her appearance quality it seems to be professional and yes she can make it to Hollywood and be the perfect and the most beau decoration on Hollywood movies. Dimitra also has a potential in marketing industry or just be this kickass and sexy boss everyone who will fall for. She’s always camera-ready, a model material type which she succeeds even in the spontaneous photo-taking moments. She is quite dominant and gorgeous like a young Megan Fox.

Looks like she like luxury and enjoys with her extravagant elegance embracing it, pretty much true as she has the face and body to fit in those elegantly taken pictures. It looks like there are no jokes available around her and she seems pretty serious about it

Dimitra seems that she can lead a role model, modeling and beauty career very professional than many of the models do in the world and achieve a higher class than just Victoria’s Secret. Appearance is not the only thing companies would look for, it’s also how serious you are with the career you like and how professional would you be in photo shoots even in the spontaneous ones. This is one of the serious types that don’t really like to be joking around or not to be serious with their achieved goals and success but to be honest about it, it really looks like she can just go in and do her thing and the next day be on the covers.