Dina Ivas is a yogi by profession as well as by interest. She loves doing yoga, promotes it, and also teaches it. With 2,144 followers on Instagram (@dinaivas), Dina impresses everyone with her unimaginable yoga poses and amazing postures.


Dina Ivas also has her own website (www.yogawithdina.com), which tells us everything about her as well as her profession of a yogi. The website has a motto of breathe, play, and grow. If you also want to learn yoga from Dina, you can contact her through her website and then take yoga classes from her.

By seeing her passion for yoga, you would think that Dina was always a yogi. However, this is not true. Dina was not a yogi before, but a gymnast. Yes! Dina was a former competitive gymnast. She always loved challenges and like challenging her body with new moves every day.

Plus, Dina was an advocate of disciplined training. She was sincere and dedicated in her training. And, in order to share her interest in athletics, this beautiful yogi became qualified in Group Exercise in 2002 by studying in the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America.

Dina also got a graduation degree in Communications from the Boston University, after which she went to New York City in order to make a career in the corporate world. Besides working in the corporate world, Dina taught body sculpting, kickboxing, and boot camp part time, so that she can pay her bills. However, soon the pressure of working in a small compartment and the big city life took a toll on her. She started feeling totally unstable and unbalanced. At that time, Dina discovered yoga.

Although, in the beginning it was not easy for this stunning yogi to do yoga, soon she learnt the art of yoga. At first, Dina used to get frustrated that she cannot do some poses and more often forgot to breathe. However, due to her challenging nature, Dina learnt yoga very quickly. She practiced Yoga regularly. Soon, she realized what it truly means to do Yoga. That yoga is all about letting go of your inhibitions and not about the duration of your crow pose.

Yoga means to take your focus inward and know your true power. After being inspired by Yoga and the feelings that it generated that made her feel strong and empowered, Dina signed at Sonic Yoga for its teacher training program. Then, in 2010, Dina became a Registered Yoga Teacher.

Since then, Dina has been teaching yoga. Her main aim is to make yoga accessible and fun to everyone. She inspires her students to cross their supposed limits, along with a smile, safe alignment, and calm breathing. As mentioned above, Dina follows the philosophy of breathe, play, and grow.

Her endeavors in yoga have made Dina the Brand Ambassador of Splits59 and Michi. Michi is a collection of edgy active wear, which is designed by Michelle Watson, a native of New York City. The goal of this clothing line is to empower women, so that they can express themselves in their every athletic venture. Besides this, Dina also featured in the inspirational video of New Balance’s Anue Premium Yoga Apparel. Dina has been rated one of the top New York City’s trending instructors by RateYourBurn.