For brands to become bigger, they need to partner with personalities and influencers who can take them where they want to be. For businesses who wish to go places through online marketing, it will be best to partner with online ambassadors who are equally as aggressive and ambitious.

With enough modeling and ambassadorship experience under her belt, Alexa Natale has become one of the most promising up-and-coming influencers in the business. With her great looks and right attitude, there is no doubt that this young lady will go places!

Like other young girls, Alexa is a digital native. She spends a great chunk of her day online, doing schoolwork and managing her social media accounts. She is also constantly on the lookout for opportunities that will give her the chance to grow her following and her online influence!

“I want to work as a model or brand ambassador because I love the feeling of being able to showcase my talents and representing companies that I personally love.” – Alexa Natale

When it comes to working with brands and promoting products online, Alexa is partial to working to clothing and beauty brands. As a matter of fact, she has existing contracts with Wanelo, Snad Cloud, Vaya Island, Lagoon Designs, and StitchVibe. With these projects, she is able to wear, endorse, and review clothes, in addition to giving her followers discount vouchers for their personal use.

“I have always love posing for pictures as well as taking them. This is a passion I have been pursuing for a while now. The part that I love the most is seeing that I can succeed.” – Alexa Natale

Our young model is no stranger to getting her hands dirty. While she has worked with other photographers, she spends most of her time taking her own photos, editing her images, and maintaining her online accounts. Her superb work ethic will surely bring her ultimate success and it will be best for brands to start partnering with her as early as now.

She works hard, not only to maintain her looks, but also to maximize the opportunities that come her way! Working with Alexa will surely make your big brand become even bigger. Get to know our young dreamer by visiting her IGModel Search profile and her Instagram account!