Instagram is one of the networks that has changed a lot. Many new features, new rules, and many other things make you improve your profile and posts. Thankfully for brands, Instagram Stories changed the way of advertising your business. It doesn’t matter if you are an influencer, model, or you own a business, in this post, you will learn five ways to drive followers with Instagram Stories.

Instagram stores provide you with more efficient ways of driving traffic to your profile. You will have new followers, but you need to keep them too.


Add links to your Stories

This step might not be so easy for everybody because the ‘swipe up’ function is reserved for profiles with more than 10k followers. This function allows you to put a link that leads to your blog, website, youtube or your profile. When you decide to do that, make sure to put the right graphic. Insert arrows, or even write swipe up on your Instagram Story.

This new Instagram function is good for promoting yourself, as well as your products.


Tag Yourself to Drive more Followers

However, not every profile have 10k followers. For this number, you will need time and patience. Don’t worry. There are some other solutions for you (while getting more followers). You can tag your own Instagram profile on your stories. That way, people will directly go to your profile and fortunately follow you. You can also tag other profiles so that they can drive more traffic as well.

To tag yourself, you need to click on capital A and type @. When you start typing the name, you will see the list of profiles you can tag.

Use Highlight Option

This is the new option that we adore! You can now highlight your stories. That means that you can now permanently save your stories in different sections on your profile. So, they are not the only great way to be creative (I love Instagram), but it can also drive you more traffic as well. The highlights appear right below your bio. Some fashion and beauty bloggers took the design of their highlight circles very seriously.

The question is how this feature will gain you, new followers? You can use it for product promotion, beauty or fashion bits of advice and tips. Try it, and you won’t be disappointed!


Find Influencers to Takeover your Stories

Working with influencers became of one the most important things not only on Instagram but on the internet generally. Brand choose to work with fashion or beauty influencers that will represent their brand. There are many thing influencers can do, and one of them is a takeover of your Insta stories. They can mention you in their stories, and in that way, people will get to your profile.

Instagram influencer marketing is one of the best things that you should try for yourself and your brand.


There are many ways how you can drive followers with Instagram stories, but these were the most effective ones. You should follow these tips if you want to become an Instagram model, promote your fashion or beauty brand, or if you are a blogger.