If there is one thing that you should remember when it comes to creating a powerful online presence, it’s the fact that the number of followers that you have surely affects your social ranking.  As an influencer and online ambassador, you have to do everything that you can in order to engage a bigger set of audiences and to get them to follow your profile. If growing your following is an aspect that you need help in, then read on.  Here are some of the most effective tips that you can do in order to get more followers in Instagram.

Tag the Right Accounts

If you think that a certain content of yours will surely impress another influencer or another high-follower account, then do not be shy to tag them. Believe it or not, tagging a popular profile is one of the easiest things that you can do in order to grow your network. By doing so, you increase the chance of getting noticed and getting your content reposted. If you do get to impress the owner of the other account, you will be on your way to getting better exposure on their profiles.

Schedule Meetups

Online influencers thrive on social media, but this is no reason for you to not meet your fans in real life.  Instagram meets are becoming more and more popular because people have come to realize that it’s fun to spend time together beyond the confines of a screen. If you want to boost your following, then start having regular meetups with your fans.  This tiny effort will help you create a reputation that will make no- followers subscriber to your content.

Keep your Content Playful

There is nothing better that you can do than to go with a look that will surely shock your followers. If you were going for maximum impact, then no other look will fit you better than a white blonde hair. Going much lighter and much brighter will surely help you create an impression online.  A statement hair, after all, will only be fitting for your status as a must-follow influencer. Just see to it that you are prepared for the necessary amount of maintenance that this hair color requires, because bleached hair tends to become dry and brittle if not properly cared for.

Create Your Consistent and Signature Content

For you to be able to set your profile apart from the profile of other social media influencers, then you need to think of a specific kind of content that you can own. Look through the profiles of the top influencers in your niche.  Pinpoint the kinds of content that are common and avoid them as much as you can.  Posting photos that are the same as the ones launched by other social media influencers will not help you achieve your goal.  To stand out you have to be unique; and to be unique, you have to create a kind of content that people will automatically associate with you.