Elijah is an another young and multitalented charismatic and fun person who has a lot to offer. This young model also has the talent to sing, catching relaxing and beautiful notes like a symphony and also slim build perfectly shaped for photo sessions. He is quite original and he is not just an ordinary model that has a lot of courage to show off whatever they tell them to. He has a compilation of photos that proves he is capable of almost anything. His previous experience is quite extensive: experienced customed mascot, good at his vocal performance and also had a few roles in theater.

Recently he is famous all over social media with his fun photo shoots and vocal capabilities.
Not only he is talented and has amazing vocal capabilities, he was also a participant in AIDS/LifeCycle with its 545-mile bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles with a cause to support the life-saving services offered by San Francisco AIDS Foundation and the Los Angeles LGBT Center.

Elijah is also known as a hyper fun barista and the adorable person at Starbucks and fascinates every customer with his specific and engaging performance as a ‘warm welcome’ for each customer. He has extensive experience in musical theater and also modeling. With his warm and open personality, he brings modeling to a new level, not feeling embarrassed in showing off his own self or imitating a famous character in a perfect way.

The most unexpected piece in his personality puzzle is that he is quite generous. He was also an Assistant Youth Minister in Calvary Chapel of Oxnard in which he was best known as fundraiser and events organizer. Not only a generous and kind person but also had assisted in many environmental disasters in Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale. So to sum up, he kind of has it all.