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With over two million Instagram followers and 32,000 on Twitter, Australian model Emily Sears is a great crowd puller online. She has been seen on FHM, Maxim, GQ USA and many more. Sears who has been on more than 15 international magazine covers has a powerful attraction to modelling which goes beyond being superfluous and vain.

When quizzed about her passion for modelling, Emily says that growing up surrounded by art and photography environment nurtured by her art publisher parents had been a definite inspiration for her career in modelling. The fact that her great aunt Wendy Martin had been a popular Australian model in 1956 had also motivated her into taking up a career in modelling.

Sears began her career as a model with Australian magazines and has appeared in titles including Ralph, Zoo Weekly, Kandy Magazine and Transworld Motocross.  The Australian model has represented brands such asNaven, Kuhmo Tires, Monster ENERGY, Esquire Magazine, Maneater swimwear and Strikeforce MMA. She has in recent years turned from glamour modelling to commercial opportunities such as Express Smile Atlanta.




While many associate modelling with glamour and glitz, Emily who has appears in music videos and TVC roles is quick to contradict it. She says it is stressful being under scrutiny all the time from people who ridicule or pick apart her physical attributes.

Emily also contends that being endowed with a provocative body has invited some unpleasant assumptions towards her character and morals. She says that people find it difficult to see the difference between her real personality and the image she portrays.

Emily Sears a Melbourne native who is at present based in Los Angeles, California,  believes that IG is an amplified modern day pin board for communities where anything and everything from fashion and fitness to harassment and bullying is posted. While Emily does worry about social media being an outlet for the frustrations, pressures and expectations of people, she also recognizes the potential social media has to make people successful and flourish.

The Australian model claims that the greatest advantage of Instagram is that the members can control the things that are made popular, instead of leaving everything to the publication or casting people. She says it is an exciting medium for creativity to be nurtured. She is active on instagram with over two million followers and more than 1500 posts.

Emily Sears is a resilient personality who knows how to balance the praise and abuse she receives on social media. She says that she is delighted by the support and praise, and tries to focus on them more. Above all she maintains that staying true to who she is is the most important thing that keeps her working with zeal.