Emily Yamamoto is a yoga trainer and teacher. She works with Naomi Iwabuchi and teaches yoga to everyone, whether kids or adults. Emily is famous on Instagram (@emimotoyoga) and has 1,267 followers with 686 posts till now. She also has her joint Instagram account with Naomi Iwabuchi on Instagram, namely Emi & Omi – Yoga (@emiandomi).

The Instagram account of Emi & Omi has 420 followers with 96 posts till now. Both of these svelte yoga trainers co-teach pop-up yoga classes and are known for teaching a wide range of yoga postures. Their flexible bodies are evidence of their regular yoga practice as well as their love for this form of exercise.



Emily and Naomi also have their own website, www.emiandomi.com, where they have put their teaching schedules and pictures. If you want to attend their classes and learn yoga from these hot yoga trainers, then you can do so by contacting them through their website. Or else, you can just see their public teaching schedule and then attend one or more of their classes. And, let me tell you that Emi & Omi yoga classes are totally donation based for all levels of yoga learners.

Emily Yamamoto teaches yoga as well as promotes the famous clothing line, Lily Lotus. She wears it herself, when she does yoga. Most of her pictures on Instagram are in Lily Lotus outfits. Although, many yoga trainers are single and have envious figures, Emily is soon going to become a mother.

Even after being pregnant, Emily has not stopped teaching yoga and looks stunning in her pre-natal pictures. She has posted several pictures with her bulging stomach and is proud to become a mother soon.

Emily believes in ethical and conscious living. She says, “Yoga is not something you ‘do’, it is a state of being – a state of union.” How apt! Furthermore, Emily thinks that practicing yoga allows and helps you to get closer to your true self, the identity that gets buried by desire, ego, and attachments.

Although, Emily began practicing yoga for some time, soon her practice became 24/7 and turned into a full-fledged career. Yoga helps Emily to connect to her true self. It takes her to a place, where she can access her own personal true self.

When it comes to Emily’s childhood, she grew up in two places, including the Italian island of Sicily, Italy and the Hawaiian island of O’ahu. Both these places have picturesque settings, which developed Emily’s love for nature. When Emily was in Sicily around 2008 and 2009 in the winter season, she discovered a moderate vinyasa class, which officially introduced her to yoga.

In the following summer season, Emily went back to O’ahu in order to complete her dual Baccalaureate of Arts in History and Political Science at the University of Hawaii in Manoa. She completed her graduation in 2012. During this time, Emily practiced yoga regularly and consistently. Soon, Emily started teaching yoga and today yoga has become a significant part of Emily’s life.