This year, there has been an exponential rise in the online consumption of videos via social media. As an online model, you should capitalize on this trend and make sure that you are able to product watchable content that your followers will engage with. With tons of content online, coupled with the audience’s short attention span, it can be pretty hard to consistently come up with video ideas that will bring the right response. Here are some tips that you may use to make your video content more effective.

Be Entertaining

Boring videos turn people off, and this is very understandable. Place yourself in the shoes of your followers. Would you finish a 15-second video if it does not interest you? The answer is, of course, no.

When it comes to producing Instagram videos and stories that will boost your engagement rate, you have to make sure that you entertain your audience in order to keep them watching. Show off your personality and show your followers that you are someone to watch! Make sure that you have fun when you create these videos, too, to ensure that the material will feel genuine.

Use Positive Emotions

When it comes to relating to the online audience, you will do well to capitalize on emotions that they can relate to. As a brand ambassador who wants to promote and boost your online and personal branding, you have to make sure that you use positive emotions that will help you build a positive image! Share a piece of good news or inspire your audience. After they watch your content, they should get the propensity to want to watch more of you.

Treat your Content as a Campaign

Creating a solid personal brand entails launching content that works toward a specific goal and the necessary milestone objectives. Having said this, you need to treat every single piece of content that you launch as parts of a marketing campaign that is geared towards solidifying your brand. In addition to having the same look and feel, your videos and Instagram stories should also send out messages that will show the world who you are. Sticking to this set of guidelines will help you see to it that your materials will be cohesive and effective.

Bring Ideas to Life

There is only so much that you can do when it comes to using static images when it comes to sharing ideas and knowledge. If you want to boost your reputation as an influencer, you need to use videos in order to make your ideas more inspiring and actionable for your followers! Beauty bloggers, for example, should use the right non-static content that will better suit the process of sharing tutorials and how-to tips. No matter what idea you want to share, there is surely a way to better explain it using a short vid!