Eriana Blanco, also known as Eriana White, is a fitness model born in July 24, 1981 and raised in Miami, Florida who is of Cuban and Chilean descent.  She currently lives in Los Angeles, California and has a height of 5’9” and weighs 128 lbs.

Eriana’s career in modeling, according to her, started when her friend told her to be part of his online magazine.  Her first job was with Burdines Estee Lauder, a brand of skin care and make up. In 2004, she posed in “Maxim Magazine’s Hometown Hotties” and has continued to be a model of Maxim Magazine.

She is also known as a model in “The Black Tape Project “which was founded by Joel Alvarez and his team and is featured in magazines worldwide. Primarily, the project was about randomly wrapping stripes all over the model’s body in order to compliment the curves and later on has evolved where black electric tapes are now used as a medium. Now, it continues to be a recognized as a new form of art.

This gorgeous Latina has an evident hourglass shaped body having a tiny waist and voluptuous hips, thus, was given the opportunity of being a model and brand Ambassador of “Shredz” or “Shredzarmy” – a fitness brand that promotes supplements and other nutritional products.

Shredz’s mission is to contribute to the global fitness community by creating a movement based on positivity, progress and pushing one’s self to the limit. Shredz strives to give customers the tools they need to reach their health and fitness goals, to give them top notch service, and to create a global network of encouragement.

As a fitness model, she enjoys sharing her work outs with people in the social media and gives out tips on having a toned and aesthetic body causing her to be famous online. She has an Instagram account (@eriana_blanco) where over one million people follow her for the purpose of viewing her hard worked body but also her motivational work out quotes. Videos and clips of her daily work out may also be found in YouTube and other online sites.

Aside from being a part of Shredz and Maxim, she was featured as a cover model for Mixed Magazine in 2012. She has also worked for Venge Media, OTB Photography, Dynasty Series, Dennis Publishing Inc., Willy Camden Photography and many others, having said that, she acquired the reputation of being professional during work and has also been considered as someone who is easy to work with.

She may look like a sophisticated lovely woman but really, she would randomly go to a private island carrying along with her a Bob Marley CD. She has stated that her new addiction is going to the gun range and that she is a big car fanatic because of the previous industry she has been with. She regards herself as a shy woman but also considers her strongest attribute as having a positive outlook on life.

Eriana continues to be a model and advocate of good health and fitness with the help of Shredz; inspiring every other woman in the world to look their best and be their best.

For modelling projects, she may be contacted through