Ericka Kristen is a famous model on Instagram. Her Instagram account (@erickakristen) has 140 thousand followers with 199 posts till now. Ericka defines herself as a model, lover, Virgo, and blessed on her Instagram account. She hails from San Antonio, Texas, the United States.

This 27-year-old beautiful model is also active on Twitter. She has 36.6 thousand followers on Twitter and has posted 379 tweets till now. Ericka regularly posts her sexy pictures on Instagram, while showing off her stunning booty. She has a near perfect body with an amazing butt.

When it comes to her nature, Ericka loves to do photo shoots. She is a huge animal advocate and has her own pet cat too. She stands strong for pit bull dogs of all breeds and loves it when someone tags her in their dog photos. This sultry model supports the cause of voice for the voiceless, as animals are the ones who cannot express their feelings nor say what they like or do not like. Therefore, Ericka thinks that everyone should care for animals like she does and become animal friendly.

Erica promotes Kyani through her Instagram account. Kyani is a health brand that offers a wide range of supplements and energy products. Erica says that Kyani is what keeps her going and has everything that she needs. She further on illustrates the benefits of this health brand. She says that Kyani helps in boosting energy, supporting cognitive functions of the body, and increasing cellular support.

Besides this, Kyani also enables effective stress management, encourages healthy digestion, supports the immune system, maintains heart health, and normalizes blood sugar level. Additionally, Kyani promotes flexibility of joints, supports cellular health effectiveness, supports brain function, and boosts energy. It is a complete package that defends, repairs, and maintains each cell in your body.

Being a model, Ericka regularly attends high-profile events and gatherings. For instance, she recently attended the red carpet VIP event of Iron Man magazine. Plus, Ericka also promotes Fashion Nova. This famous clothing line is known for its wide range of clothes for women.

Ericka wears Fashion Nova dresses, boots, etc. and puts her pictures on her Instagram account. Plus, when you use Ericka’s code (XOERICKA), you can get some discount on Fashion Nova dresses. How cool know?

This blonde model loves to hang out and party with her friends. Moreover, her profession is her passion. She loves modeling, which she does most of her time. She says, “When you do what you love, everything else falls into place.” How apt!

Ericka also promotes Looks Could Kyll clothing line, especially its swim bodysuit. This line of clothing is a Los Angeles and New York City based brand that offers unisex lifestyle fashion clothes. Ericka has also featured in ‘A light away,’ which is a photography coffee-table book, published by Barnes & Noble.

Plus, when your use Ericka’s promo code on Fashion MIAMI Styles, you can get 10 per cent off on your purchase. Ericka also has done photo shoots for the FHM magazine. This blonde beauty is sure to go a long way with her attractive looks and hot bod.