The most important thing about puffer jackets is that they are warm. The second interesting fact about them is that they are stylish. And the third attractive part about puffer jackets is that they don’t ask sex and age. Everyone can wear puffer jackets in fall and winter to feel its warmth and fantastic coziness. Here we are to discuss the most fashionable puffer jackets for this fall and winter.

Short Floral Puffer Jacket

One of the best advantages about puffer jackets is that they come with any shade, size and design. You can make your choice either between monotone or printed versions. Here you see a floral puffer jacket that’s ideal for spring and fall. You may wear it on brighter and sunnier days when you seek for more brightness. These are the trendiest jackets at the moment and they are actually worn both my men and women. The background color can be either dark or light but since it’s a floral piece, the overall style is very playful.

Long Puffer Jacket

As for long puffer jackets that hide your knees too, they look better in monotone shades. From the super white to your favorite bright color, there are all possible shades combined with puffer jackets. These jackets are of course warmer and more suitable for winter. Many short people choose this style because it makes them look taller. So, if you want to stay warm and look tall at the same time, then opt for a long puffer jacket. Don’t forget to match it with cool sunglasses as the most important accessories for the complete fashionable look.

Oversize Puffer Jacket

If you feel comfier in oversize outfits and jackets then make your choice between oversize puffer jackets. They are very popular these days and become more and more fashionable thanks to many Asian celebrities. Let’s go back to the 90s with the help of oversize puffer jackets. They belong to the group of urban outfits that have lately gained more popularity due to some posh fashion houses.

“Metallic” Puffer Jacket

Well, we mean the color. Metallic puffer jackets are the ones with high-shine and metallic effect. These are eye-catching and fascinating jackets. Nylon is the main fabric used to create metallic jackets and the result is truly impressive. In fat, metallic fabrics are all the rage these days and they are often used for warm coats and jackets.  Those looking for an extra dose of fanciness can consider puffer jackets made of hot and shiny metallic fabrics.

Sporty Puffer Jacket

Special for your inter excursions and mountain adventures there are super comfortable styles of puffer jackets. These sporty pieces are so cool to wear on casual days. You can match them with your favorite sporty outfits and accessories and rock all day long. Choose one that’s made of high-quality fabric and stands out with trendy details. These jackets mostly come with hooded style and offer many more pockets than the rest of styles.