Being a mode and influencers gives you the responsibility of maintaining what you think to be an ideal figure. After all, your photos are the first things that potential followers will see when they visit your profile. Before they get to know you banging personality and fall in love with the brand that you have created, they will first get a glimpse and get curious about how you can stay fit despite your busy schedule. Here are some effective tips that you may use if you want to be one of Instagram’s top #bodygoals.

Use the Treadmill Wisely

As it turns out, you do not need to spend hours every day just so you can drop the pounds and shed the fat. Instead of spending all your gym time on the treadmill, you can maximize your workout by sticking to an optimized routine that will take only ten minutes of your time. All that you need to do is to bring a pair of light dumbbells when you go walking. Alternate bicep curls, shoulder presses, and other arm exercises every minute and you’ll be able to tone your body in no time!

Monitor your Progress

There is no better way to keep yourself motivated than to keep your own version of a report card. You can also go the extra mile and track the calories that you consume! Seeing how far you’ve gone and seeing how far away from the milestones that you want to hit will surely get you up and running every day! Monitoring your progress will also alert you if you have already hit a plateau and when it is time for you to take your regime up a notch.

Add Jumping Rope to your Routine

If you are looking for a way to kick your fitness activity to new heights, then you should look for jump rope routines that you may use to bring your exercise time through the roof. You will be able to burn 26 calories per minute, if you are able to maintain a steady-fast pace while you jump. In addition to this, jumping also activates different muscle groups! This means that you will be able not only be able to lose more weight; you will also be able to tone your muscles faster.

Go for Healthy Carbohydrates

Eliminating carbohydrates from your diet will not be the best thing, especially if you plan on going hard in the gym. Your body needs its fuel, so you have to make sure that you fill your plate with healthy carbohydrates that will energize you! If you hit the gym for more than an hour and a half every day, then you have to throw in a serving of protein as well. Doing this will not only get through your workout, but will also help you ensure that your body will not be in any chance of burning out.