Hair colors and hair highlights tend to undergo various changes by smart and creative hairstylists. Leaving alone all the possible hair color and hair highlighting ideas, today we will refer to the most extravagant yet stylish hair highlights that fashionable women prefer for 2018.

Unicorn Purple Highlights

The popularity of purple highlights is becoming more and more common these days. Many women opt for purple highlights but just a few go bolder and edgier. Here you see the latest idea of purple highlights called unicorn purple. Actually, it’s a mixture of purple, pink, silver, pastel blue and gray shades that create such a rich and interesting effect both on dark and light hair. This color combination is great for those who are tired of natural hues and want something fascinating in their style. You can opt for this style both for short and long haircuts.

Silver Highlights

Use the technique of ombre or balayage to achieve fantastic highlights on your locks. Just make sure you choose the best shades and color combinations. What about the trendy silver highlights? They are all the rage these days and everyone wants to experiment with this posh style. Silver highlights are subtle, shiny and fresh at the same time. They look fabulous on naturally dark hair and make your hairstyles smashingly beautiful. The best part about silver highlights is that they don’t ask skin tone and eye shade because they are actually natural-looking tones.

Rainbow Prism Roots Highlights

Get ready for the most eye-catching and ravishing hair color trend for 2018. It’s the rainbow prism roots highlights that grab so much attention with its uniqueness and beauty. Compared to previous rainbow highlights this is something neater and more elegant. You can choose it for dark and light roots equally but the choice of the shades matters. Try to go for lighter rainbow hues if you have light roots and opt for darker colors in case you have dark roots. You’ll reach the desired result only if you keep the necessary balance. Prism roots are bright and they have a kind of joyful energy in them that bring out your inner nature and creative way of thinking.


Rose Brown Highlights

If hairstylists used to offer rose gold highlights for the last two years, this year they come up with rose brown highlights. This warm-chocolate-rose combination is so ravishing and elegant on long hair that it seems as if the wearer doesn’t want to give upon it. Rose brown highlights are fresh and glowing that’s why they look so luxurious especially on wavy hair. It looks like the dark chocolate mauve hair color but is much more beautiful and appealing.

Copper Balayage Highlights

Instead of the old-fashioned red highlights now you can rock copper balayage highlights. These are much more natural-looking tones of red in shinier effects but they look bolder and more feminine. We have seen many celebrities wearing copper hair but we offer you to experiment with copper highlights to stand out with a new style.