No one can deny that mixed-race models have an edge, especially when it comes to the exotic looks that they bring to the table. While you may agree with this or not, there is no doubt that one look at Half-Brazilian and Half-German Vanessa Terschluse is all that you need to see how beautiful she is. Be it in person or in photos, Vanessa exudes a captivating aura that draws people in. With her curly hair and exotic features, this 19-year-old young lady is all set to take the online modeling world by storm!

The moment you stop trying to prove something to someone, that’s when you prove them something. – Vanessa Terschluse

Vanessa grew up in Sao Paulo, Brazil – a city that is buzzing with energy and life. At present, she is based in Hamburg. Moving from one place to another has instilled a unique sense of the world in this young lady. While she maintains the inspiration that her Brazilian upbringing gave her, she is very much open and excited to take part in new experiences that will add more meaning to her life.

She recently graduated from high school. This stunning young gem finished her International Baccalaureate in a boarding school in England. She believes that her international education has immensely changed her for the better, mainly by her more open to experiences, more communicative to others, and more self-sufficient.

One thing that Vanessa has that other models her age do not is the connections and friendships that she has all over the world. This young lady is not only beautiful, she is all well connected, and this simple fact alone makes her a potentially great online ambassador.

Having lived in different countries, Vanessa Terschluse was exposed to various experiences that led her to develop different kinds of interests and hobbies. Her passions include art, food, music, and fashion! However, more than any interest that she has, Vanessa’s main passion is her love and care for Mother Earth. As a matter of fact, after finishing her gap year, Vanessa plans to take up Sustainability and Environmental Management in Leeds.

This one of a kind young lady knows how to balance fun and purpose. Be part of her modeling journey by visiting her IGModel Search profile and her Instagram account.