With the summer heat and being exposed to the sun it is really important to take care of your skin. Not only the body, but the face as well can suffer from dehydration and dryness. That is when you should start thinking about the face oils. Whether they became the part of your morning or evening routine, oils can do a lot for your skin. Let’s break some myths and see how you can use the face oils that are good for your skin.

Face Oils: What are They and How They Can Help You

Unlike the moisturizers and serums, oils don’t have the creamy structure. That means they are not penetrating into the skin that much, but likely hang out near the surface. They help in preventing your skin barrier and provide you with silkiness, and some amount of hydration. While the cells drink water, oils stay on the outside and act like a sealant – they keep the skin moisturized.
Oils are rich in essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and essential nutrients which are required for keeping our body healthy. These same acids are good for our skin. Night oils can do a pretty good job of recovering and detoxing your skin. Also, some researches show that night oils can help you get rid of acne (and that is perfect, right?).

Types of Oils

In order for one oily product to work efficiently, there has to be a mixture of two different kind of oils – essential and carrier oils.
Carrier oils are cold pressed oils from nuts and fruits. They have the strong penetrative ability, which allows them to carry derived essential oils deep into the skin. Some of the most popular carrier oils are coconut, avocado, olive, almond, jojoba, and argan oil.
Essential oils are very potent, so mixed with carrier oils they provide many benefits to your skin.


How To Use Face Oils

Use your face oils before applying moisturizer or alone. You can also opt for night face oils that work perfectly even without your night creme. When it comes to some myths, the most popular one is that oils plug clogs and that they cause the breakouts of your skin. True or false? Neither. You have to choose between the oils that will not plug your pores. For example, it is known for coconut oil to stand on the top of your skin for a long time. Instead, you can always use the ones with small molecule size: argan and jojoba oils are a perfect choice.

Here I have gathered some of the face oils you can try:

Caudalie Vine[Activ] Overnight Detox Oil

This dry oil from the French brand Caudalie is ideal for skin exposed to stress, pollution, UV’s & other free radicals (aren’t we all?). It has lovely natural ingredients: antioxidant grape-seed, regenerating rose hip, purifying neroli, soothing lavender and detoxifying carrot oils.


Darphin Rose Aromatic Care

This aromatic and soothing essence soothes and guards against free radical damage. This oil is for normal skin.

Caudalie Vinosource Overnight Recovery Oil

This face oil is a unique mix of 6 active and 100% natural oils. They melt into skin to nourish the epidermis deep down, repairing the skin barrier, and soothing sensitive skin.