Summer is coming to a close and everyone is excited to welcome another season! One great way to welcome Fall, in addition to undergoing the necessary wardrobe makeover, is to change up your hairstyle, as well! There are certain trends and looks that have become popular over the years, and it will be a good idea for you to make them your go-to Fall hairstyle. Here are some cuts and styles that you may consider, depending on the kind of facial structure that you have.

Be Bold with a Pixie Cut

A bold pixie will not only be cool and edgy for Fall; it will also be a ton more versatile than the other short cuts that you can have your stylist do for you! You can wear it to the side to soften your look or bring your hair up to spikes if you want an edgier appeal this Fall. This style also works well with the top fashion trends for this season! If you have a delicate face and a narrow facial structure, then this look is right for you. Just make sure that you invest on a good hair product that will keep your hair from looking unpolished.

Try Out the Bardot Bangs

Everyone, at one point in their lives or the other, have seriously considered the idea of getting bangs. However, more often than not, we chicken out and go for our usual cut. If you have your heart set on trying our bangs yet you are not sure if you will be able to go with this kind of commitment, then Bardot bangs are for you. These fringes are made up of long and layered cuts that will not look as drastic as blunt cuts do. They are also very low-maintenance with most cuts being wash-and-go styles that you can wear on a daily basis.

Chop It Off for a Blunt Bob

Gone are the days when blunt bobs are restricted only to the hot summer months. Believe it or not, these blunt cuts are set to spill over to this year’s Fall seasons, mainly because they give off an edgy and cute look and feel! Unlike the Summer bobs, however, Fall bobs are set to be on the longer side, which will be perfect for those who are in the process of growing their hair out after their summer cuts.

Low-Maintenance Low Ponytails

While it is a simple and low-maintenance hairstyle, there is nothing more polished and empowering than a well-placed and well-maintained lo ponytail. There is something about this hairstyle that gives the wearer a certain amount of elegance and appeal. If you are looking for a style that you can use as your go-to hair for this Fall season, then you should seriously consider going for the low pony. Just go ahead and find cute ribbons and holders that you can use to spruce up your look and you will surely be on your way to impressing your online followers!