Makeup trends always undergo changes and while some are weird others are quite common and attractive for casual life and special events. These trends tend to change according to seasons too. This time we’ll take a look at the best fall makeup trends for 2018. If you are looking for prom makeup ideas for fall then stay with us. We’ll also share some fall makeup inspiration for your casual looks.

Vibrant Violets and Pinks

Bright and eye-catching hues were first represented in the 60’s when women were discovering bolder makeup ideas. So, one of 2018’s best makeup trends is the well-balanced combination of vibrant violets and pinks. This super girlish and festive look is great for your luxurious and fun parties. It is accompanied by doll-eye mascara that softens the style and makes it even more seductive. The look is represented by Gigi Hadid at Anna Sui fashion show for fall 2018.

Dior Rainbow Liquid Eyeliner

Dior has enriched its latest fall makeup collection with rainbow inspired liquid eyeliners which have come to replace the ordinary black eyeliner. These are again vibrant hues with a fresh fall touch in them. They look more interesting and beautiful than the classic black eyeliner. Just make sure you use them wisely according to the professional rules of fashion and makeup. The result is obviously fresher and more fascinating.

Liquid Lipstick as Eyeliner

Nowadays many makeup artists like to mix up products for newer and more fashionable solutions. We see professional makeup artists and designers using liquid lipsticks as eyeliners. Such a crazy and attractive solution was suggested by Siriano’s makeup artist, who has taken the smoky eye makeup to the next level. This look created with pink liquid lipstick is accompanied by dark-hued liner at the bottom, which brings out the brightness of the pink and the shine of the eye.

Cat-eye Makeup with Swarovski Crystals

Bright blue and violet shades combined with Swarovski crystals provide with a stunning result. This is perhaps the most eye-grabbing version of the popular cat-eye makeup trend. It is luxurious and bold enough for evening parties and special occasions. You may keep it modest with the help of natural makeup. Just focus on your eyeliner and eye-shadow to create a harmonious look.

Colorful Mascara

Dries makeup ideas have always been unique. This time we see colorful shades on eyelashes. We may call them dramatic lashes. The mascara used in this makeup trend is mainly in bright shades suitable for the coming fall season. The artist has kept the overall makeup natural-looking and has given special attention to eyelashes. The result is quite impressive.

Matte Red Liquid Lipstick

The timeless shade for lips is surely the bright red. Use matte red liquid lipstick this fall and you’ll achieve a style statement look. This trend was represented at Brandon Maxwells latest fashion show. It is simple yet so attractive for women with all skin tones. Match it with natural-looking makeup and your gran more attention on your lips.