It’s the high time to think of warmer accessories and update our wardrobes for this fall. Every season comes with newer pieces and makes us to leave aside old-fashioned accessories. Hats and headpieces play a great role in our fall looks. Many of us can’t go without hats during the cold months of the year and there is always a hat trend for the every season. Let’s check out some of the best headwear trends for fall/winter 2018-2019.

The Structured Beret

Berets are the most fashionable hats for this year. They have an old story and have always been requested in fashion. Now, we see structured berets in a variety of materials and trims. From embroidered options to soft cashmere, there are various styles for you to choose. Berets are considered as elegant and interesting hats that look cool with coats and classy jackets. However, a lot depends on the style you choose and match with your outfits and accessories. You can be quite versatile with this headwear. So, think out of the box each time you rock a structured beret.


Those looking for extravagant headwear ideas to impress people around them would definitely like the trendy balaclava. Of course, we are not talking about the simple style of balaclava worn by military personal, but we are representing a more fascinating design and solution for this hat. You may think that these are rather funnier versions of the retro balaclava we used to wear as kids, but the fact is that they are making a big style statement and are quite fashionable these days. Bright and colorful knitted balaclavas are not only stylish but also warm enough for cold autumn and winter. They will warm up your head, ears as well as the neck.

Bejeweled and Beaded Hats

In order to make your festive look complete you may wear bejeweled or beaded hats. This is the case when your choice is not that simple because the versatility doesn’t allow you to find the most desired style. Take some time to do some search and opt for the hat that best goes with your prom outfit. Bejeweled and beaded accessories are made not only for fun summer parties but also for posh winter occasions. They can highlight your luxurious look and make you stand out with your unique choice of accessories.

Newsboy Caps

This is not the first time women steal men’s fashion and make theirs. In spite of the fact that newsboy cap were used to be purely manly accessories, now they are worn by women too. Perhaps their main advantage that attracts women is coziness. These hats are practical and convenient at the same time. You can wear them on rainy and snowy days and feel quite comfortable. Many fashion houses come with modern styles of newsboy caps. They are also called Gatsby caps and feature a button on top. However, lately designers use other details to make simple styles more attractive and eye-catching.