During fashion week month, euphoria on Instagram is something that you must have noticed. All fashion bloggers, journalists, and fashion influencers are heading to New York, London, Milan and in the end finish everything in the city of love – Paris.

If you are a fashion enthusiast (count me there), you would probably want to know what profiles to follow to get all the best photos. It doesn’t matter if the pics are from runway shows, street style or personal. During fashion week days everything counts.  


Song of Style

fashion influencers song of style

Who is she: Aimee Song is one of the fashion influencers gang members and interior design blogger. She has great charisma, while her outfits are always very inspiring.

Aimee combines trendy and eternal garments in order to make exceptional outfit combinations. One of my recent favorites is from New York, where she showed us how to wear pastels.

She prepares great recipes for raw bars and other vegan food. You should definitely follow her, there is a lot of useful information she shares with us.

Follow her Instagram and Blog.

fashion influencers song of style 1


The Fashion Guitar

fashion influencers fashion guitar


Who is she: Charlotte Groeneveld is a mom and fashion blogger. She is originally from Netherlands (you can say that because she is blondie with gorgeous white skin).

She is usually collaborating with brands, and in that ways present us with the latest fashion trends and chic garments. Her outfits are bold, with the New York vibe in every single one of them. Charlotte also shares her makeup and cosmetic tips and products she likes.

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fashion influencers fashion guitar 1


Caroline Daur

fashion influencers caro daur

Who is she: Caro is a German fashion influencer and a street style rising star. If you are following some street style photographers, you will see how many times her lovely face (and outfits) could be found in the photos.

Her style is very authentic with the intention to become eccentric. However, Caroline is unique and chic. If you are into adventures, Caro shares a lot of captivating photos from her travels.

Follow her Instagram and Blog.

fashion influencers caroline daur


Camille Charriere

fashion influencers camille charriere

Who is she: Parisien living in London, fashion blogger and a muse, Camille is also a great fashion blogger. She and Monica Ainley started a fantastic podcast called Fashion no Filter (hint: new episode is out today).

Her style can be described as Parisian chic with a tinge of urban Londoner girl. Personally, she is one of my style icons. I try to recreate her looks all the time.

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fashion influencers camille charriere


Giovanna Battaglia

fahsion influencers giovanna battaglia

Who is she: I don’t think she needs a presentation. She is an Italian creative director and fashion editor, always in a company of Anna Del Russo.  Also, she is one of the most popular ‘Italian fashion gang’ members.

Her style is unbelievable. She mixes patterns, lengths, and colors. Giovanna is always in the first rows, and that is why you need to follow her Instagram.

Follow her Instagram and Blog.

fashion influencers giovanna battaglia


I think Instagram has become one of the most powerful networks. That is why today if something or someone is not on Instagram, something or someone doesn’t exist. That is how things work today.

However, there are also a lot of creative, fashion enthusiasts who like to share, so that we can all just enjoy and recreate their looks.