There are fashion rules that sometimes keep us limited in our dressing ideas and choices. While some are dictated by major fashion houses others are related with our everyday lifestyle and traditional approach towards dressing. Let’s consider some fashion rules you can break and make your style more impressive. Below we have chosen the trendiest looks that say no to some popular fashion rules.

Color Matching

Whether it’s the idea of our art teachers or someone else that colors should be matched in well-balanced ways, fashion tells us another thing. Color matching is no longer interesting in dressing. Moreover, it has become too casual and dull. Of course you need to combine your outfits in a harmonious manner but this doesn’t necessarily mean you should match shades. Try combining “unmatchable” hues in your dressing ideas and experiment with new looks keeping up with the latest trendy looks. Add your personal touch with the help of accessories and replace traditional color matching with bolder ideas. Here you can also use different prints of different sizes as they add more interest to outfits.

NO White in Winter

Perhaps you try to avoid wearing white outfits in winter because you are recommended to rock black or dark shades during this “light” season. However, we are open for new experiments and would like to see you in white this winter. Why should we limit our options for three months if we truly love white outfits? On the other hand, wearing white makes us more elegant and attractive and it never leaves the trendy color palette. White is always in style and all you need to make it eye-catching in winter is adding accessories to your style. In your choice of accessories you can play with bright shades or choose the classy black.

Athleisure is only for the GYM

Who says sporty outfits are meant only for the GYM? They are so cozy that you want to wear them all day long. Many celebrities show us how to rock athleisure in everyday life and we are glad to see creative combos. There cases when they prefer matching high heels with sporty shorts, pants or blouses. So, choose ultra-comfy style out of the house and try to keep it as simple as possible. As for accessories, sporty accessories are probably your most favorites. Rock them with pleasure for workouts and other athletic activities but for everyday shopping and similar activities.

The Best Clothes Require Much Money

Another fashion rule you can break is the idea that the more expensive your clothes the more fashionable you’ll look. Actually, it’s a myth that best clothes require much money. You can buy beautiful and stylish outfits in affordable prices and still look fancy. The secret is hidden behind your choice. Do you match your outfits wisely? Or do you pick up trendy pieces? Even your old clothing can become stylish over the time. So, never throw away anything until it’s useless. Save your money and consult with a pro stylist to find creative ways of trendy dressing.