Putting together a wardrobe that will supply you with the pieces that you need for your #OOTDs may cause a dent on your wallet. However, there are different things that you can buy if you want to maximize your purchases!

Investing on high-quality convertible fashion pieces is a great way to get different looks for your outfit posts. Here are some suggestions that you may use on our next shopping spree.

Invest on an Infinity Dress

As its name implies, an infinity dress will give you tons of looks simply by wearing it in different ways. Do a quick online research and you will surely be delighted by the options that you will find! You can buy one in your favorite color and simply experiment about the looks that will best fit your personality and your style.

Make sure that you use different accessories for your outfit posts, to give your followers the impression that you are wearing a totally different dress! Try to leave ample time in between your outfit posts, too, to keep your followers from catching your little secret.

Dress Up your Outfits with an Infinity Scarf

Compared to the usual scarf designs, an infinity scarf is stitched together where the edges should be. This rounded design makes it possible for a piece to be used in various way.

In addition to wearing it around your neck, the right twists, turns, and tucks will turn into a cute tank top or a body0hugging skirt. You can even use it around your hair, simply by using a handful of bobby pins. Find one that uses an amazing fabric and invest on a couple of designs. These scarves will prove to be worthwhile investments over time.

Slip into an Oversized Shirt

If casual and laid-back is your personal style, then high-quality oversized shirts should be your wardrobe essential. A nice shirt may be work in various ways for various look, as long as you harness your creativity and out-of-the-box fashion sense.

When worn with a pair of pants or shorts, simply tie them around your waist to accentuate your figure. If you want to change your look a bit, then wear it as a dress simply by putting on the right belt.

Flaunt your Assets with a Body Contour Dress

Putting on a bodycon dress is a good choice for a night out, but there are simple tricks that you may use to wear your pieces during daytime, as well. While this style may be a little to revealing to be worn in the office, this is not something that a nice blazer will not fix. A shrug will give you your much-needed coverage, too.

Since this style clings close to the body, you can use a dress as a skirt simply by putting on a top. Lines will be kept the minimum as long as you use as top that is a little loose or flowy.