Summer is here, and that can mean only one thing – now it is time to show off our perfect beach bodies. If you think you are not quite ready, don’t worry. I have gathered some of the best fat-burning foods to help you boost your metabolism while not being in the gym.

From avocado and egg to the berries and green tea, all these fat-burning foods are fantastic for building your muscles, and what is even more important they will reduce the cravings (is this even possible, girls?).

Incorporate these fat-burners into your daily routine, and you will immediately feel better!



Avocado works like this – it uses monounsaturated fats, which are very heart-friendly, to burn fats! It comes as a perfect energy booster for training. Avocado is also full of antioxidants, and powerful vitamins.
They will reduce your stomach bloat and water retention. According to the studies, 40% of participants that have eaten half of the avocado for their lunch haven’t eaten a few hours after that. Isn’t that perfect?



Eggs are a perfectly natural combination of animal protein and healthy fats. They contain nine essential amino acids and polyunsaturated fats. Eggs keep you energized for a long time during the day.
Make sure to buy farm-fresh eggs. They might be more expensive, but it is worth the cost.



Berries are tasty, and they help you reduce the cravings. They are loaded with fibers, an anti-inflammatory antioxidant that boosts your immune system works.  Strawberries can protect you from some types of cancer, while blueberries are loaded with vitamin C, vitamin K, and manganese. Raspberries help in the regulation of your blood sugar. Blackberries contain quercetin – an antioxidant that reduces the risk of heart disease.


Olive Oil

The best type of olive oil that is produced by natural methods is extra virgin olive oil. All these fat-burning foods when prepared can lose their effects. That is why it is the best to use this type of oil when burning calories or dieting.

Olive oil is full of monounsaturated fats, as well as with vitamins K and E. This oil is convenient for massage as well.  



When you decide to have a cheat day full of chips, and other not-so-healthy food, you should detoxicate yourself with a grapefruit juice. Why? Grape is full of soluble fiber which helps in maintaining your blood sugar levels as well as insulin spikes after eating so many junk food.
When consumed before a meal, it serves as a suppressant – which means that the body will digest it longer.


Green Tea

If you are planning to reduce coffee, and switch to something else, then you should definitely opt for a green tea. It has less caffeine than regular black coffee, so it is a perfect substitution.
The benefits of green tea are brain function improved, fat-burning potential and many others. This tea also reduces free radicals in the body. Studies have shown that it is perfect protection from some types of cancer.


Which of these fat-burning foods is your favorite? Do you use something else to boost your metabolism?