Something Navy has a unique online personality that has developed over time. Her fans were able to journey with her as she went through many stages of life.

To begin, Arielle Charnas was a socialite in New York City, wearing the best clothes available and hitting all of the popular NYC spots. She garnered her 800,000+ following on Instagram by pioneering the social media’s site fashion obsession. She is often referred to as the first prominent Instagram model.


Then, we saw her sophistication really shine through as she started steady partnerships with brands. Most of her Instagrams include tagged designers, restaurants, photographers, knick knacks and everything in between. We can see that Arielle was making the most out of every single IG post.



Specifically, Something Navy posted many photos in her seemingly favorite fitness brand Bandier Fit. This clothing brand used her success on Instagram to really elevate their own brand and push through into the luxury health and fitness market in many metro areas including New York City and lush areas around the world.



Arielle Charnas recently married her husband Brandon Charnas, who has a healthy 7k followers on Instagram, as well.




After much publicizing of their wedding on the social media platform, Something Navy’s Instagram followers seemed to be much more connected to the Instagram star. They congratulated her and wished her well in her new family life. She became more than just a clothing promoter with pretty pictures.





Then, the couple had their first child. Not only did they make an addition to their family, but they opened up an entirely new market on Instagram. Baby clothing has never looked so chic.


The Charnas family is well aware how to market themselves and brands effectively. Something Navy’s account has around 4800 posts, all filled to the brim with brand promotions. But, the photos are not presented in a cheesy way.

Firstly, they are aesthetically pleasing and consistent, which gives the account a professional look and feel.

Secondly, the looking into Arielle’s personal life builds a connection between the model and her followers. With this trust between the two parties, she is simply showing her fans what makes her life so fabulous, rather than making money off each like.

Something Navy has found success on Instagram by effectively promoting herself, and simply taking brands with her on this journey to social media fame.