Dressing up is a great way to create a solid online following. In a platform like Instagram, it can be pretty simple to use the right clothes and your superb style to catch people’s attention and be one step closer towards being an online influencer.

Here are some simple tips that you may use in order to take and upload drool-worthy #OOTD photos. With these helpful tidbits, you should be able to put together amazing fashion photos while maximizing your wardrobe!


While colorful outfits may be fun and quirky, wearing an over the top ensemble will take people attention away from your face. If you have your heart set on being a model, you should focus on selling your natural assets and finding the right clothes that will complement them, not drown them out.

One simple way to ensure that your photos remain simple yet impactful is to stick to one color family for every picture. You do not have to wear the exact color from head to toe, but it will be wise for you to use pieces of clothing that have the same hue.


There is nothing more comfortable than wearing flats and sneakers; but you know how you can reach your dreams faster? Wear heels! The right pair of heels, wedges, or pumps will elevate even the most basic pieces. You can be wearing a plain top and your favorite pair of jeans. As long as you are sporting a pair of banging heels, your photos will surely be outstanding.

Do not be afraid to mix things up a bit, especially when you are taking photos fitting for a fashion maven. There are no rules in fashion, after all. As long as you feel good in what you’re wearing, you can take all the photos that you want and upload them on your IG profile!


There was a time when mixing prints is a big no-no. Thankfully, more and more models are breaking this rule and enjoying outstanding results!

When posing while wearing loud prints, make sure that you take photos of yourself against a muted background. Loud clothes in an equally loud scenario will make a confusing photo. You can be as experimental as you want with your clothes, but try to shoot against a white wall, if possible.


While people will not be able to feel the material of your clothes through your photos, mixing pieces of clothing in varying textures and fabric will help make your pictures more interesting.

For an instant lush photo, put on some velvet jacket. For a more sensitive look, get into your favorite lace blouse. Textures translate well in properly-lit photos and help add life to an IG profile.