If you already own a business, then you probably know how much influencers are necessary for promoting your business. As their popularity grows, brands are wondering how to find Instagram influencers for their business.

Having influencers will definitely grow your follower base, engagement, and raise brand awareness. However, finding Instagram influencers for a brand, might not be so easy. That is why I have prepared some tips for you on how to find Instagram influencers for your business.


Why Your Business Needs Instagram Influencers

Instagram is one of the best platforms where brands can work and collaborate with influencers. This can help you raise your follower base really quickly (you won’t believe it), but there are some things you should determine first.

You need to find out and to decide which metric you will use. They are important when you want to measure the success of your campaign. In that way, both you and influencers you will be focused on the goal.


Every Influencer Story is Different

If you want to find an excellent influencer, let me tell you something. It is not a piece of cake. In the sea of people who want to be influencers, there are also a lot of bought likes, engagement, and even fake profiles. So you should definitely be careful and choose wisely.

Every influencer has a different story. The question is how to determine their authenticity and engagement. You can use some apps like Social Blade or Fohr Card. Take some time when doing this, and you will find an excellent Instagram influencer for your business.

Size Doesn’t Always Matter

The number of followers can vary. Sometimes you get many of them in one day, just because of a post. And this is what you need to pay attention to. Nowadays, brands give an advantage to influencers with not so big number of followers (talking about serious numbers here). It is not a bad idea if you think about hiring somebody who has less than 10k followers. And that is how we got the term micro and macro influencers.

Marketing researchers show that influencers with less than 10k followers have a better base of people who are engaging with them. That is why, on some sponsored post, they can earn four times more engagement, than some macro influencers.


Engagement Must be Authentic

In addition to a number of followers, comes the question ‘how to determine authentic engage.’ An excellent influencer is the one who can engage people in some conversation in the comment section. No matter if it is an #ootd or some product preview post, if people are talking about and asking questions, that means that job is well done.

Make Long-Term Relationships

Like any other relationship, your collaboration with influencers must be built on a base of mutual respect. If you decide to make long-term relationships with Instagram influencers, you can be sure they will give their best to promote your brand. Giving some influencer one month is fine, but try giving them more. They will appreciate products more and create more and more personal posts. And that is what people will adore.


Do you have some other advice on how to find Instagram influencer for your business? If you do, please be free to share them in the comment section below.