Amanda Bisk is a former Australian Olympic athlete who has been practicing pole vault since 2005. Born on March 3, 1986, she always had it in her mind as a child that she would eventually be one.

In 2010, Amanda took part in the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi, India. After the games, in 2011, while she was preparing for the London Olympics, she started feeling different. Whenever she woke up from a long nap or even from a long night’s sleep, she would always feel tired. She felt like she was always out of energy… like she had no life in her at all. Amanda could only work out half as much as her teammates due to vast. She worked as hard as she could but she never seemed to get out of the nightmare she was having of being too tired, too often. Her body just seemed to have a limit which was less than how she used to work her body. She knew that something was wrong.

She started going to the doctor, having checkups and different tests. Later on, she was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – a disorder that can cause extreme fatigue, even with sleep, muscle pains, headaches and sore throats that gets worse with physical activity. Despite the difficult situation she was in, she opted to let her body regain its old self; giving up on the Olympic athlete’s life. Hence, she was not able to join the London Olympics. At that point, not only was she living with a weak physical life, but she was also mentally and emotionally drained. Everything she imagined when she was a child, all about to fade away.

It was then that she started giving herself a chance to recover. In the early parts of her journey to recovery, she was prescribed with anti-depressants. However, the will remaining inside of her started to spark causing her to start recovering in a different way – health and nutrition.

Having a Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Science, she knew the basics, but still had to learn more about nutrition and having a healthy lifestyle. It was not just about what she ate or how hard she exercised but it was also about having a positive perspective. She started doing yoga and other low-impact activities that slowly got her back on her feet. Amanda, later on, started her campaign for good health on instagram (@amandabisk) and other online sites. She also has her own webpage – There you will find her life’s story, as well as her live weekend work outs.

“We’re a pretty sick world right now and it can all be prevented so if we can just get out there and really enjoy being active and looking after ourselves I think it’s just going to be such a better world,”  – Bisk

Having a great and toned body, she was given the opportunity to be an ambassador of Rexona, Fitness First and many more. She is also associated with “Fit Night Out” Sydney – a fun, interactive event where guests will be treated to free fitness classes, health and well being checks and advices from beauty and health experts, nutritious food and a lot more.

Indeed, Amanda Bisk has been an inspiration to women who are also making their way to a healthy, balanced and positive life.