If you’re like most people, you have probably made it one of your goals for 2017 to become fitter and stronger. However, there is also the possibility that you are making slow progress in order to achieve this goal. Don’t worry because you still have the rest of the year to make your #fitspo goal come true.  here are some tips from experts and online influencers were able to build online careers on their physical strength and their fitness.

Focus on The Athletic Rather Than the Aesthetic

When it comes to committing to a fitness routine, the first thing that you have to think about is how it will help you become stronger and faster. Losing weight and getting a fit body are happy side effects from these benefits.  instead of focusing on toning your muscles so that you can look good in your photos, you have to focus on building functional strength that will also help improve your physical power.  It’s not enough that you look good, you should feel good and function well too.

Find A Routine That You Will Fall in Love With

If you find yourself struggling to get out of bed and going to the gym, there is a big chance that your routine does not excite you.  One thing that you can do in order to make sure that you are motivated to exercise daily is to find a workout routine that you will love and you will enjoy doing. There are different options that you can choose from and they will all help you reap the benefits that you need. Go ahead and take your time to find the routine that fits your body and your psychology to ensure that you will drop the habit again.

Find Time to Rest and Rejuvenate

Once you find an exercise that you would want to do every day, you will find it hard to convince yourself to go on a rest day.  However, you have to remember that resting is an important part of the program.  It is when your body will take the time to repair the damage on your muscles and to grow stronger and fitter.  You can go ahead and hit it hard in the gym 4-5 days at most, but you have to see to it that you will rest properly during the day is when you skip your workout.

Set Goal That You Will Care About

Before you start planning out your fitness plan for the rest of the year, reassess at your goals and see if they still apply.  There is a chance that you will find goals that are no longer as important to you now as they were in the beginning of the year.  Take this time to realign your vision into focus on the goals that still hold value.  Once done, plan out a fitness routine that will help you achieve these milestones.