Even for the most avid fashion fans, there are days when putting together the outfit for the day feels like too much. Thankfully, you can simply throw on your favorite statement accessories and head out the door. As a matter of fact, you can very well rely on these accessories for your daily Instagram #OOTD, as well! Here are some tricks that you may use to accessorize your way to social media stardom and get your much-needed likes and comments!

Kick Up the Class

If you have your heart set on wearing only the basics, then you need to let your feet do the talking! Putting on metallic Oxfords or classy and modern sneakers will help you bring your outfit to the next level. Wearing attention kicks will surely make for a very nice photo, thanks to their minimalist appeal. Wearing them outside, even on the longest of day, will surely add a spring to your step as well!

Be a Diva with Drop Earrings

Even if you wear your most casual clothes, putting on a pair of drop earrings will surely give you the diva aura. Gone are the days when this kind of accessory are thought to be confined to summer styles! With the modern, sleek, and metallic designs that now filter the market, you will surely be able to invest on a pair that will amp up your look! Make sure that you keep the rest of your outfit as simple as possible, to avoid taking people’s attention away from your earrings.

No One says No to a Wow Necklace

A statement necklace should be your go-to solution during days when you do not feel like giving up. Even if you step out on a plain shirt and a pair of jeans, the right wow necklace will surely make people’s heads turn. Just make sure that you do not wear one that is too over the top that it takes over the whole look. Stick to styles that will highlight your beautiful face.

Bang with a Bag

When in doubt, find a tote bag that will be big enough to carry all your stuff and beautiful enough to serve as your statement piece! You can choose one that relies on its style for its outstanding appeal. Prints and patterns are popular choices, as well. No matter what you choose, see to it that you do not sacrifice function and form. Find the right balance between size and style, and you will find your go-to bag!