As an online model and brand ambassador, you have to make sure that you consistently post creative and engaging content that will help you win over the hearts of followers and brands. However, it can be pretty hard to be consistent about this, especially if you are targeting to post on a daily basis. Here are some suggestions that you may use in order to break out of your shell and always post engaging content. Use these tips the next time that you are struggling with the daunting creative block.

Take a Hike – or a Simple Walk

Getting out of your home will put you in the presence of beautiful post inspirations that will help you breathe life to your Instagram account. If you notice that your posts are becoming a little repetitive, then all that you need to do is to step outside and start going around your neighborhood. Explore unfamiliar terrain and go to places where you’ve never been before. Chances are, you will find yourself discovering new things and posting about them, too!

Go to a Museum or Attend an Exhibition

Art has a way of infusing creativity into anybody. For this reason, attending an art exhibit or spending some time inside a museum will surely give you an inspirational boost! There are museums that offer free access, so you won’t even need to worry about spending money in the process! Soak up all the artworks and assess every work using your unique artistic point of view; and you will surely find yourself creating more artistic posts for your account!

Attend a Class

You will find workshops wherever you look, and signing up for them is fairly easy, too! If you find yourself struggling to think about new things that you can post, then you should consider trying out a new class and seeing what kind of inspiration it can give you. Who knows, you may even discover a new hobby while you are at it! Attending a class will put you in a presence of individuals who have passion for what they do; and being around these passionate individuals will surely rub off on you.

Find New Ways to Use Products

Reviews and product ads are fairly common Instagram content and, and a brand ambassador, you need to find new ways to showcase the products of your brand partners. Taking a simple photo may be enough but you need to push yourself to your limits if you want to impress your partners and your followers! Try making a how-to video or start testing the benefits of your brand partners. Chances are, you will not only be able to give your followers useful information. You will also be able to create great impact for the brands that you are working with!