Instagram stories are slowly starting to change the way in which personalities and brands reach out their audience using social media. Because content that is uploaded using this feature only stays online for 24 hours, it is easier to maneuver and use when it comes to launching content. However, one of the most common challenges that users have in using IG stories is its vertical orientation. People, after all, tend to want to view video content on a horizontal screen. To work around this challenge, here are some tips that you may use.

Maximize the Progress Bar

When people view your Instagram story, they will be able to see how long they will need to hold their attention, thanks to the progress bar that is set on top of all content. Think of this bar as your friendly way of telling your followers how many seconds of their time they would need to spend with you and your content. Keep in mind that the bars increase in number as you upload more stories. Tons of bars may drive the audience away; so in addition to maximizing the number of seconds that you use for your content, you also have to make sure that you do not upload too many stories in succession.

15 Seconds of Fame as Foundation

The online audience has quite a short attention span. Believe it or not, for someone who will be viewing your content online, 15 seconds is already too long a time. To avoid driving your followers away because of the length of your IG stories, make sure that you stick to short-form content from now on. This will help your followers digest your videos in a better manner and prevent them from tuning out.

Play with Emojis, Filters, and Doodles

One great feature that you can use for your Instagram stories are texts and emojis. If you feel that the screen’s vertical orientation will limit interaction with your content, then you should use these features to keep your audience glued to your screen! Doing so will help your content stand out among the other stories on their feed and will promote better recall the next time they use their Instagram account.

Get them to Swipe Up

As an online model, you need to maximize every chance that you have in order to get your audience to opt in to your main platform. If you want to better promote your profile or if you want them to view a specific post, then you should make sure that you maximize the links in ads feature that Instagram has launched. This new addition will make it a lot easier for your followers to interact with you and your content, so make sure that you lead you invite them to swipe up before you end your video.