In the field of online modeling, it’s not enough that you look good. You also need to have a captivating personality to boot. Looks gather followers, but it’s personality that makes keeps them from hitting the Unfollow button.

Jorge Garcia is one of the few people who strike the right balance between looks and personality. One look at this dashing young man is enough to captivate even the pickiest of followers. His exotic looks and powerful eyes fit the mold for a dashing, social media debonair.

In addition to these features, the main thing that keeps Jorge’s followers entertained is his unique personality. Unlike aspiring models that post only well curated and heavily edited photos, Jorge Garcia’s Instagram feed is filled with goofy photos that show off his friendly personality! This handsome young man is not afraid of looking silly in front of the camera; and it’s this kind of unbridled realness that endears him to his existing and future fans!

Despite his goofy exterior, Jorge Garcia is a man who has solid belief system intact. First and foremost, he is an environmentalist who wants to use his online influence in building a better world for everyone. For this reason, he would do well to work for brands that have the same level of care for Mother Earth.

He is also a self-confessed animal lover! As a matter of fact, a quick look through his Instagram account is all that you need to see how much he is fond of the furry kinds. This quality of him further expands his roster of potential brand partners.

Jorge Garcia wants to make the world better by smiling, joking, and having fun! This is surely a cause that also powers your brand! Work with Jorge by visiting his IGModel Search profile and his Instagram feed!