When it comes to building relationships with your followers, you need to let them into your world and empower them to get to know you. This is the only way through which you will be able to get more intimate with them and be closer to them. There is no better way to do this than to use your posts to share your favorite things in the world! Here are some content prompts that you may use to post about the things that you like and to get your followers to like your posts!

Your Favorite Influencers

Using Instagram to build your network would require you to reach out and connect with the top influencers and models in the game. This will help you get noticed by their groups of followers and by potential brand partners! When launching this kind of content, try to zero in on influencers who have the same niche market as yourself. Once you have pinpointed your favorites, share at least one of their posts and use your caption to tell the world why you idolize them!

Your Favorite People

There is no better way to build rapport with your followers and to let them into your world than to introduce them to the people who matter to you! Posting photos with your friends and your family will make you more relatable and, ultimately, more likeable. Capture a real and authentic moment and post about it! Just make sure that you ask for your friends’ or loved ones’ permission prior to posting their photos online, in order to safeguard their privacy and protect them from unwanted attention.

Your Favorite Places

Everyone has a happy place. These places are often locations that hold sentimental value and bring back fond memories. If you want to get more intimate with your followers and get them to like you more, then you should consider letting them into your safe space and sharing why these places matter to you! Simple photos will work just fine but videos will work best. Do not be afraid to be vulnerable, because your followers will surely appreciate it.

Your Favorite Things to Do

The online audience appreciates people who are not wary of sharing their lives with their followers. One great way for you to build better relationships online is to share your hobbies and interests to those who are following you on Instagram. Document your process and show them why you are having the time of the world doing your favorite things! Even better, encourage your followers to try them out, too. Who knows, you will be able to get them interested in your hobbies too!