For the longest time, marketers and online influencers have been targeting Millennials who have their own preferences and habits. However, as with the ever-changing field of marketing, it is now time to recalibrate and set your sights on a new set of online audiences: Generation Z. Here are some key things that you need to know about this younger set of audiences and how you can entice them to follow them online. Use these pieces of information to expand your reach and to build a more solid online following!

They have Public and Private Sides

Unlike the members of the generation before them, who share almost every single thing about themselves using social media, the younger members of Generation Z want to keep certain things about themselves secret. While they are still heavy users of online platforms, you cannot expect them to post tons of content throughout the day and reveal everything about themselves. For this reason, you need to plan out how you will reach out to them. Keeping the right balance between sharing stuff about yourself and holding on to certain information and habits will surely be the right thing to do.

They are Advertisement-Resistant

A sizeable percentage of this generation has a less than positive perception of blatant online ads. Knowing this is important for an online influencer and brand ambassador like yourself, because you will need to be sensitive about posting hard sell content about your partner brands. To be on the safe side, you have to make sure that all of your product posts are unobtrusive and are not posted frequently. Time your posts in order to avoid bombing them with posts that may cause them to unfollow your account.

They Get Bored Easily

They have very short attention spans and they will most likely tune out when they see videos that take up more than 30 seconds. This fact presents a challenge for online models when it comes to sending out the right messages within the least amount of time. This also applies to changing up the kind of content that you post! Since the younger generation is icky about all things repetitive, it will be a good idea to post a healthy mix of content that deals with different kinds of topics and interests.

They Want to be Part of the Conversation

If there is something that the members of Generation Z share with the Millennials, it is their willingness to be part of conversations that they feel impact them. They often post comments regarding opinions on different subject matters and they are not ones to shy away from an online argument. As an online model, you need to do your part when it comes to making them feel that they are seen or heard. Engaging with them online, both in private and in public, will surely help you win them over.