Being an online ambassador does not simply rely on having good looks. For someone to strike it big as an online model, she needs to have a wide variety of interests that will make her relatable to the online audience.

With her love for music, Brenda Rauniste is more than just a pretty face. While currently working as an assistant, her bigger goal is to be known for her songs and for her modelling projects. She fell in love with music and runways when she was little, watching music videos and seeing models walk in high heels and wearing different accessories. Now, this young aspirant is working towards being a big name in both the music and the modeling industry!

“I love expressing myself. This is what I live for: living [life] at the fullest. And if I could represent products, things, stuff, parts of life that make me happy then I believe there is something hidden which could make people happy, and that is my mission.” – Brenda Rauniste

Brenda is interested in being an online ambassador because she wants to spread the message of happiness. She is also interested in taking up every opportunity that will help her develop herself as an artist and as a model! In addition to this, she wants to show young girls that it is important to live life to the fullest and that dreams are possible, but only if you work hard for them.

Our dreamer maintains her beautiful physique by running and doing yoga. She also loves vegan food, but she indulges herself on treats every once in a while.


She has worked with photographers on various of shoots, and she has the portfolio to show for it! When she was younger, she also participated in smaller fashion shows. Today, Brenda is interested in taking her passion for modelling online by working in music, makeup, lingerie, cosmetics, jewelry, and clothing campaigns.

This beautiful music lover and model can help you bring harmony to your online business. Contact Brenda by visiting her IGModel search profile and following her on Instagram.