Are you a naive model who has just begun her career? If yes, then the first thing that you must do is to make your Instagram account. Instagram is a social networking website, which is especially dedicated to sharing pictures and videos online.

No matter if you are a male or a female model, you should make your account on Instagram. A lot of modeling agencies surf through Instagram in order to find models that they can hire or endorse. Modeling agencies are always on a lookout for new, fresh faces that will walk the runways and grace magazine covers around the world.

Thus, your modeling career can get a boost, if you have an Instagram account. However, this is not enough. You must follow certain tips in order to get scouted on Instagram. Don’t have any clue what to do? Read on to find out.

  1. Do not create a separate account

All the aspiring models reading this blog must know that they should not create a separate Instagram account just for their modeling portfolio. Their personal account is enough. You can post your pictures on your personal Instagram account only. Many girls make side accounts on Instagram just so that they can be scouted.

However, this is a wrong practice, since the agencies look for random pictures that you may not even think about. For instance, how you looked on the last day of your school, your best friend’s brother’s wedding, etc.

This is because such photos display the personality and ebullience of a girl. Both these things drive models forward after they are in the modeling industry.

  1. Use the official hashtags of the agencies

You can use the official hashtags of the modeling agencies in your photos. These hashtags are given in the Instagram bio of the agencies. You just have to pick your best selfies and hashtag them with these hashtags.

Do not forget to put other photos on your Instagram account, since if the agency is interested in you, they will look at your profile in order to see you in different angles and events and to take a quick look at your personality and style. For instance, #WLYG is the hashtag of IMG Models for girls, The Lookout is the hashtag of IMG Models for men, WILLYSCOUTS is the hashtag of Wilhelmina Models, etc.

  1. Submit your photo

There are some modeling agencies that do not have an official scouting hashtag. These agencies may ask potential models to send their photos to them. You can find this in the Instagram bio of a particular modeling agency, if they ask for photos via direct messages.

However, before you send an agency your photo, ensure that the Instagram account is of a verified, trusted agency, such as @fordmodelsscout, @elitenyc, @bmmodelmanagement, etc. Moreover, do not submit more than two photos, one of your face and the other your full body photograph.

Use these tips and see how modeling agencies notice you on Instagram.