It seems as if we speak too much about glitzy-glittery trends but the fact is that they are truly in thing for 2019. Glitter makeup trends come and go by the time and they are meant for holidays and special days. We seldom wear glitter eye shadow or lipstick because they are too eye-catching and festive. Since holidays are right under our noses, we think of the latest trendy dressing and makeup ideas for the coming festive days. Check the best celebrity moments with glitter makeup.

Priyanka Chopra

It was just a few days ago we saw Priyanka Chopra in a stunning wedding look. Leaving alone her luxurious outfits and jewelry, here we are to comment on her makeup at the Met Gala. So, although Priyanka was rocking fresh glitter eye makeup, her red glitter lips were much more eye-grabbing. Thanks to her dark skin tone she looks amazing with glitter makeup and the chosen shade of red goes well with her dark eye hue too. Actually, red is the classical shade for lips but everyone should find the right hue according to their skin tone and eye color. So, Priyanka Chopra has made the best choice.

Katherine Langford

Another stylish stunner with glitter eye makeup is Katherine Langford. Since she has fair skin and light eyes, her choice of pink glitter eye shadow is just on the point. She has gone for a fresh and playful makeup idea that compliments both her skin tone and eye color. It goes without saying that the fabulous hue of her pink lipstick completes the overall festive look. She looks gorgeous in this makeup trend and side swept hairstyle.

Jourdan Dunn

Do you have dark skin tone? Don’t know which shade to take for your glitter makeup? Take an example from Jourdan Dunn who has gone for silver glitters for 2018 MTV EMAs. This glittery smoky eye makeup compliments her skin tone and makes her dark eyes shinier. She has also chosen glitter lipstick matching her natural lip color. It has made her lips luscious and luminous.

Margot Robbie

As for Margot Robbie, she has experimented with something new and interesting. Her celestial glitter on eyelids spread all around her eyes makes a style statement. It is a minimalistic style of glitter makeup that’s neither too much nor too little and the result is quite subtle. Her makeup artist has chosen a mixture of glitters that ideally go with her light eyes and make her look younger, more feminine and beautiful.

Rita Ora

And here you see Rita Ora with multi-colored glitter shadow and pink gloss. She has opted for this makeup trend to celebrate the launch of her long-awaited album Phoenix. The desired “Phoenix” look was also successfully provided by her red feather dress. All in all the crated combination is well-balanced and luxurious. You can copy it as a great festive look for this New Year. Let your soul shine deep inside and be reflected on your face.