For brands to strike gold in Instagram, they need to work with brand ambassadors who know how to tell stories using the visual language. For best results of their marketing campaigns, scouts should look for influencers who have both modeling and photography experience.

Professional photographer and production company owner Vera Meisel knows how to tell stories verbally and visually. This makes her a great candidate for brands who are looking for novel ways to tell reach out to their online consumers.

At the age of 15, Vera decided to leave her home and went to 7 different countries and learned how to become self-sufficient. This is mainly the result of her hard work and passion for art and creation. Making  full use of the five languages that she speaks, she professionally works as a London-based creative.



Aside from living with a band and blogging about her life as an artist, she also manages to run a family-run Tea Room. She also tries to juggle obtaining her philosophy degree and travelling to shoot for international clients. There is no denying the fact that she is a hard worker and that she will be able to create much needed traction for brands that will partner with her.

“I feel the necessity to interact with my followers and recommend brands that I believe in. I believe in beauty, honesty and transparency.” –Vera Meisel

In addition to telling her stories through photos and videos, Vera is excited to be a top-online ambassador mainly because it comes with opportunities to make a mark in society. She is motivated with her desire to show young women that it’s okay to reach for their dreams and to work hard in order to be successful.

“I want to show that mediocrity is no longer an option and would like to encourage people to live a more fulfilled, happier, healthier life.” – Vera Meisel

She is a fan of independent brands who focus on beauty and femininity. She would love to be a part of clothing, swimwear or underwear campaigns, along with other brands that promote anything beneficial for the individual use or society overall.

She is currently under contract as ambassador for PoppyApparel, TNBP and Love from Cyprus. If you want to get Vera’s help in telling your brand story, you can begin by visiting her IGModel Search profile and her Instagram account.