Some girls are just meant to become models, and one look at stunner Jasmin Yousefipour will prove that she is one of these lucky few! As a matter of fact, this young lady has done numerous professional projects and engagements in the past. Now, her eyes are set on making her dream of being an online influencer come true!

This 21-year-old young lady has the foundations of being a great online ambassador. For one, she has a solid online following that she can share with brands that will choose to work with her. Like other girly girls, she also has an interest in make-up, fashion, and singing. This makes her an outstanding pick for scouts who are looking to beef up their beauty and lifestyle campaigns.

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Her Persian and Russian roots have gifted her with quite an interesting look. Jasmin has an exotic look and appeal that consumers would surely go gaga over. She also maintains a fit and toned body that makes her a potential pick for fitness and photography projects.

“I want to share my life with everyone and inspire girls to follow their hearts.” – Jasmin Yousefipour

In addition to her astounding looks, Jasmin is also gifted with a great sense of purpose. She understands that modeling will present her with various opportunities to inspire others. In addition to giving people a peek into her own world, she wants to be an online influencer because she wants to empower young girls like her to not be afraid to follow their passion!

With her splendid looks and equally impressive personality, Jasmin Yousefipour has everything that one needs in order to become one of the biggest models in the online world. Work with this young lady and check out her IGModel Search profile and her Instagram account!