As the weather gets hotter, there is no doubt that you are looking for the freshest hairstyles that will keep you cool even during the hottest days. While there is nothing wrong with going with your trusted blowout, summertime is the season to play around with fun looks!

Here are some trendy and easy hairstyles that you may use to complete your summer look. Try out the following trends and give your followers serious #hairgoals!

Top it Up with a Knot

The top knot has gathered immense popularity and for good reasons! It is a simple hairstyle that can look casual or elegant, depending on how it is done. It’s also a great summer hairstyle because it keeps hair out of the face and the neck, thus, keeping you cool and polished no matter how hot the days can get.

To do a top knot, start by gathering your hair at the top of your head. Next, use a sock scrunchie to give your hair additional volume before tying the rest of your hair in a smooth or messy bun. Secure the ends with a couple of clips and pins for an instantly summer-ready up do.

Make Waves

No matter where you are in the world, whether you are in the beach or in the city, you will surely turn heads and capture people’s attention if you choose to make your hair wavy and a little messy. No need to salt water to make this look work. All that you need is your trusted curling iron.

Loose waves that frame the face is always a great look. This style will also look great in a ponytail, since it will be textured and layered.

Be Brave with Braids

Ponytails can be a little boring, especially if it is your go-to hairstyle. Step out of your comfort zone and mix things up a bit by braiding your hair! There are different braiding techniques that you may use to secure even the tiniest hairs in place. For this season, fishtail braids and French braids are popular options.

The best part about braids? The fun curls that you get when you take them out! Go from classic to fantastic within a few minutes simply by undoing your braids and going with big hair, for a change!

Cut it Off

If you are in for a big change, then visit your favorite hairdresser and get her to chop off those ends! Summer is the best time for you to go shorter because it essentially helps you hit two birds with one stone! Not only will you feel cooler and lighter, you will also be sporting a hot new look that your friends and followers will surely love.

Before going for the cut, though, make sure that you consider the shape of your face and the short styles that will complement your facial structure. Get professional opinion, if necessary. This way, you will be able to ensure that your new cut will look good on you!