In the same way that fashion changes from season to season, so does beauty and hairstyles. If you want to impress your followers and solidify your reputation as an online model, then you have to keep abreast of these trends and use them for your own content.  Here are some of the hottest hair style trends that would help keep you ahead of the game.  Use them the next time that you launch your beauty content and see how your own followers will react to them.

Athletic Hair

Since more and more people are starting to realize that wellness is an important part of life, sports and fitness lifestyle has slowly made its way into people’s everyday lives.  As more and more people use of their gym clothes and fitness wear for their everyday outfit, hairstyles that used to be known as gym staples have also made its way to everyday beauty looks.  Bungee cord hairstyles and gym ponytails can now be seen in even the biggest runways.  Messy buns have also become one of the season’s hottest hairstyle trends.

Wet Hair

There is nothing more glamorous than a sleek hairstyle. This is the main reason why wet hair looks have become one of the season’s hottest hair trends.  There are different products that you can use to tame your tresses and to achieve a slick and polished look.  There are also different styles that you can use for your everyday life.  Just make sure that you do not overdo this look, because it can give off a severe aura if you put too much product on your hair.

90s Hair

In the same way that 90s fashion trends are starting their way to 2017, so does 90s hairstyles.  If you look at Fashion Weeks’ top runways, you will be able to notice that scrunchie ponytails and techno tales are starting to get traction again.  Mini buns that are inspired by the looks of this era have also made their way to the fashion pages.  Using these hairstyles for your online posts will surely tickle the fancy of your followers who have grown up during that time.

Loose Braids

If braids where your staple looks during the summer, then this is good news for you.  Braided headbands that were popular during the hottest months are making their way too fall.  If you are looking for a more contemporary look, then got four-strand braids will be good idea for your beauty posts. Online models who have a more chill and relaxed personal branding can also sport lose and random braids in their photos.