Women blessed with long and healthy hair always stand out in the crowd with their luxurious femininity. However having just long hair is not enough to impress the crowd. It’s also necessary to learn some beauty hacks and tricks on how to style long locks beautifully. When you discover the most suitable hairstyles for your tresses as well as face shape, you know how to shine with fancy looks. Take a look at this list of the best hairstyle trends for long hair.

Headband Braid

Let’s start from one of the most popular updo hairstyles for long hair. It’s the lovely headband braid. This hairdo has a boho touch in it, which makes it so eye-catching. Recently stylists recommend matching it with loose messy waves that frame the face for a subtler result. You can rock it both on workdays and for special occasions. Office women like this hairdo because it’s cozy for the workplace. The choice of the braid is up to you. It may depend on your hair type. Consider fishtail, Dutch and French plaits as they are the most stylish braids for this year.

Wavy Half-Knot Hairstyle

Between the latest trendy half-updo hairstyles the half-knot has its special place. This is another cute hairdo to choose for long hair. It’s easy, beautiful and attractive at the same time. You can just go for loose waves and then create the small knot on the top of your head using the half of your hair. In case, you have highlights on your strands, they will beautify this simple hairstyle. It’s a casual one, but many long-haired celebrities use it for special events too.

Twisted Ponytail

When your hair is long you often opt for ponytail hairstyles. If you are tired of the one and same pony hairdo then give a try to this version. Twisted ponytails come in several gorgeous styles and look better with messy touches. So, first add more volume to your hair by teasing and curling and then style a low twisted ponytail. Even brides choose this hairstyle as a wedding hairdo because it’s so exquisite and stylish.

Messy Bun Hairstyle

What about a hot bun hairstyle that brings out all your subtle facial features? This is one of the best hairstyles for long hair. It keeps all annoying strands out of the face and provides you with a neater and classier style. This way you can also draw more attention to your eyes. So, make sure you wear cool makeups with high bun hairstyles. Keep them a bit mess to look sassy.

Curly Hairstyle

Loose and bombshell waves are sometimes all your long hair requests.  This super luxurious and trendy hairstyle is a festive one and you can wear it for wedding and birthday parties. If you have layers on your locks then the result will be more voluminous and attractive. You can pull all to one side and fix with a nice hair clipper like many celebrities do.