“The secret to success is to have the courage to start in the first place.”

This is a quote that clearly reflects who Hayley Bateup is. She courageously entered into a very tedious kind of sports where she finished as a winner. Hayley was a professional Ironwoman for seventeen years!

Hayley Bateup is a remarkable woman born to be a champion. She is a highly celebrated model and surf life saver. She made history when she was the only athlete to take home three Coolangatta Gold!  The Coolangatta competition is known to be a very tedious and a difficult race, however, Hayley had successfully bagged the Coolangatta Gold in 2005, 2006 and 2008.  Likewise, she has won Gold Medals in various Australian sports.


Hayley is not only synonymous to being a champion but to a Gold Coast Icon as well. Her commitment and dedication to her career is exceptional.  Her discipline and hard work made her the highest Australian female Gold Medalist of all time! She is also a TV Series star in Gladiator, a cyclist, and Gold Coast Titan’s Ambassador.

Hayley’s career is very colorful and has continued to receive generous media interest. Although she retired as a professional Ironwoman in 2013 due to chronic shoulder injury, she remains active in all avenues of media and she is still known to have the highest profile in surf sports.

Currently, Hayley is focusing on her Body Blitz fitness program which is a 10 Week Fitness Challenge. Excitingly, her program is going from strength to strength. Hayley has designed the fitness training program herself, which targets to support men and women to reform their lives through health and fitness.

Every training session with Body Blitz series is full of fun and surprises. Her sessions include Surf Skills, Race tactics, mental strength, transitions and the famous Bateup Body Blitz style of fitness.

The Body Blitz style of fitness has received a massive number of testimonials of making people get in their best shape and keep it. The discipline and Hayley’s approach to training will give outstanding fitness results to everyone, including those who feel hopeless when it comes to their weight goals. The fitness program is designed to address overall fitness issues, making every student revitalized. The activities offered in the program has a variety of outdoor sessions.  Hayley focuses on fat burning, toning and overall fitness and no matter what level you may be as she will address for your individual and particular needs. The sessions will absolutely keep everyone excited to every meeting.

Actually, the Body Blitz Series 19 is now open! The blitz will start on the 6th of June, so act fast, sign up today, and don’t miss the chance of working with the fabulous and mighty Hayley Bateup! This is the time for you to get in shape!

Hayley Bateup is not just an Ironwoman and Gladiators star, but she is also a proud co-parent to a son named Baxter Frankie Bateup. Hayley and her partner April Zeculich have conceived their son through IVF.