Online influencers are under the impression that finding brand sponsors and getting sponsorship contract is the hardest thing to do.  While the process may be a little challenging, it is actually just the start of a very complicated yet rewarding journey.  What do you do after you sign your contract?  How do you launch your content online?   How do you keep your brand sponsors happy?  If these are questions that you often find running across your mind, then this article will be of great help for you.  Here are some Instagram tips that you may use in order to launch the right kind of content and to maximize your Instagram profile in promoting your partner brand.

Subtlety is the Key

Gone are the days when the online audience do not mind ads and sponsored posts.  What you have to understand is that more and more people are starting to find these kinds of post to be disruptive to their usual online experience.  As an online influencer, you have to address this common sentiment especially when you are posting content that have to do with your brand sponsors.  When you launch branded content online, you have to be very careful in crafting the way that you frame your photo and write you caption. Always remember that you have to exercise a certain amount of subtlety in order to avoid having your followers click the unfollow button.

Be Honest with your Experiences

Since you are under contract with different brands, you will experience a certain amount of pressure when it comes to showing their products and their services in the best possible light. However, you understand that you have the power to influence the decision of your followers when it comes to buying and using these products.  For this reason, you have to be very honest about your experiences and   you have to avoid over-selling your partners.  Your honesty will surely be rewarded and will be appreciated by or sponsors, as well.

Stick to their Brand Voice

The main reason why you got sponsored in the first place is the fact that your personality and online branding fits your brand sponsors’ voice and story.  This means that you have to play a part in maintaining the right kind of sentiment and personality behind the products and services that you promote online.  It will be a good idea for you to look through the other marketing efforts that your partners use.  Find out how they normally talk to their customers and clients and see if you can tailor-fit your content in order to be aligned with the overall direction.

Use their Products and Services in Real Life

Having a brand sponsor is so much more than posting about their products and services and helping them spread the word to your followers.  By getting under contract with different brands, you are essentially signing up to be there talking piece and ambassador to their target audience.  This means that you have to know what you were talking about and that you have a certain level of product knowledge that will make you an effective spokesperson.  Don’t be afraid to ask them any questions you may have because they will surely appreciate your level of interest and curiosity about their products and services.