In today’s modeling industry you’re only as good as the number of followers you have on Instagram. It’s the fastest growing social media platform that allows aspiring models to connect to a wider audience through entertaining visual content. It’s user friendly, it’s popular, and it’s hype. In the last five years, the number of users has grown to over 300 million, 49% of whom use the app every day. That’s more than the number of people you’re likely to reach on a magazine cover.

Here are 3 tricks to help you gain popularity on Instagram:


Trick 1: Link You Accounts

Tumblr, FourSqaure, Facebook, Flikr, and Twitter can all be linked to your Instagram profile. As a model seeking publicity we strongly suggest you take advantage of this. Aside from the fact that it saves you the time of posting to each account individually, it enables you to leverage your followings on different social media platforms. When content from your Instagram account is shared on other platforms, it includes a direct link to your profile. The best part is, linking your accounts is simple. All you will need is your login information.


Trick 2: Hashtags Are Your Friends

Hashtags are the easiest way for you to get more views for your posts. Social media users use hashtags to find interesting content so it’s a great way to enhance your visibility and reach your target audience. Use trending hashtags, which reflect the theme of your post, to advertise your account to a larger and more engaging audience. Be sure to monitor hashtag trends on other social networks like Twitter and Facebook.


Trick 3: Be Entertaining

If your followers are visiting your account for cute pictures of kittens, you certainly don’t want to throw in a picture of your breakfast. Your aim is to give your followers exactly what they want and that does not mean that you have to be repetitive. Being a model means that you should always have something new and exciting to share on a regular basis – that’s what your followers want.

Instagram is the most invaluable marketing tool available today. Don’t become ‘the girl’ commenting on people’s post to get publicity. It’s ineffective and frustrating. Of course it won’t happen overnight but with the right attitude and tricks you can boost your following tremendously.

Now get out there and get some more followers!