The Kardashians: the world can’t stop talking about them, and they are well-versed in learning how to profit from that buzz. Their social media presence is prime real estate for brand partnerships and brands are fully aware of this opportunity. If you follow the mogul family on Instagram, you surely know that multiple products sponsor them.

One of the sisters in particular, Khloe Kardashian, loves to show her new, self-proclaimed “revenge body” on the social media platform Instagram. But when it comes to promoting beauty products, she is all business.

Recently, Khloe has shocked the world with her revenge body. And she is looking good.

Many of her photos tout herself heading to the gym and putting in hours of work. From her social media presence, you would assume that she is working hard for her body. The photos speak for themselves.

While she is putting time into the gym, she is also eating well.

But, is she also drinking well? If you follow celebrities and Instagram influencers on social media, you have probably seen the viral product FitTea everywhere. It is sponsored by many models on Instagram. But Khloe Kardashian may do it best.

She shares many photos that feature the detoxifying, cleansing tea that assists with weight loss. Some are simply stunning glamour shots.

She also showcases the sponsorship in a more playful way, posing with a dog.

Or in a more casual, personal way in a Snapchat video repurposed on Instagram.

But with a body like Khloe’s, people don’t really care if she is outwardly advertising a product. Her fans want to look like her and she is giving them a way to do it.