New Instagram Algorithm Game

Although the new Instagram algorithm is a hot topic for quite a time now, some other questions are jumping out. One of them is connected with a new algorithm, and that is: how often should you post your photos on Instagram? If you are using Instagram religiously, then you have probably noticed that 3-day old posts were appearing on your home feed. Along with this, you might have seen the new likes for some old posts. Why is that? Because of the new algorithm (oh, that Instagram thing). The question that people are asking around is should they post more or not? Even if you posted a few days ago, on some people home feed your photos will be available few days later. In this post, we will see what more important things to follow are.


Post Consistently

Depending on your brand or business goals, you should set up your ideal frequency of posting. Some fashion and modeling brands are posting 30 times a day, and they still have high engagement and no reach drops. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to post that much. It is the best to have a habit or to schedule the exact amount of posts. The thing you shouldn’t do is to transition from posting every day to posting once a week. Your brand will experience a high engagement drop. Long story short – post consistently on your feed, and don’t overdo it!


Quality vs. Quantity

When you see all these posts, it is not a surprise that you wonder how they can post so much, and still have that high engagement and reach? Just think twice. Do you need that? Do you want quality over quantity or vice versa? If you decide to post frequently to Instagram, make sure that you can dedicate your time and efforts for all photos to be exceptional. It is crucial not to post just for the sake of posting. Otherwise, post photos that are not for your profile to your stories! This is an excellent way to talk to your followers, and not to ruin your profile aesthetics.


Ask Your Followers (Make a Poll)

There is no better way to connect with your followers than to ask them a question! Now, on your Instagram stories, you can make a poll and ask your friends how often should you post. They can vote for stories or regular Instagram posts. That way, you will know what they like to see when they visit your profile. At the end of the day, your followers will be your most honest judge.


Don’t Forget to Track Progress

Instagram Analytics is an excellent option for tracking your progress, engagement, likes and reach. It will also show you how often you should post, and at what exact time it the best to schedule your posts for. My suggestion is not to overdo it. Trust your instincts and followers. If they are asking for more, post more, but be aware of your business goals as well.